Sausage Snacker
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Sausage Snacker

Sausage Snacker Large (not shown) #1SAUL $69.00 Qty
Sausage Snacker Medium (not shown) #1SAUM $49.00 Qty
Sausage Snacker Small (as shown) #1SAUS $29.00 Qty
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The classic sausage and cheese gift basket just got a makeover Simon & Co. style!

Our Sausage Snacker comes in three convenient sizes, for the individual or for a group. We include some of our favorite summer beef sausage from our favorite guy, "Dan The Sausageman". Sausage is best served with a great accompaniment, so we have added Beecher's Smoked Flagship Cheese and zesty mustard. To complete the perfect snack, you'll find crispy Flagship Cheese Crackers from Beecher's, and a hot & spicy trail mix.

The medium and large gifts are larger assortments of those things all guys love to snack on. We build on the classic snacks already mentioned with the following gourmet foods: beer brittle, cajun trail mix, tangy peach salsa, chips, Busseto Dry Salami, dipping pretzels, pistachios, cajun trail mix and even more SAUSAGE!

(*Note: We include Italian Salami in the Large gift. We can leave it out if you would prefer Sausage only vs. Salami. Just let us know in the comments field during checkout.)
A lidded brown paperboard box filled with the following:
  • Dan the Sausageman Mild Summer Sausage
  • Beecher's Smoked Flagship Cheese or Jack Cheese, approximately 8oz
  • Zesty Mustard
  • Hot and Spicy Nut Mix
  • Beecher's Flagship Cheese Crackers
Our Disclaimer:
Of course we make every effort to have a wide assortment of the most delicious food items available throughout the year. However lots of things can happen from time to time that don't make that possible. Therefore, we reserve the right to make substitutions of equal or greater value. We want all of our gifts to be well received, so if your gift recipient has dietary restrictions or particular food allergies, just note that in the comments field during checkout and we will customize your gift. YES – We love to customize! Just ask!
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