Teabag Teapot for One
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Teabag Teapot for One

Teabag Teapot for One - White #FLTW $25.00 Out of Stock
Teabag Teapot for One - Red #FLTR $25.00 Out of Stock
Teabag Teapot for One - Lime Green #FLTL $25.00 Out of Stock
Teabag Teapot for One - Turquoise Blue #FLTTB $25.00 Out of Stock
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This unique design made especially for tea bags to prevent over steeping with a mess-free built-in tea bag rest. The lid stays in place as it pours smoothly. The teapot is made of porcelain for maximum quality and function.
Enjoy it with your favorite tea bag for a moment of tranquility.

We include free gift wrap with this item, as well as a popular selection of three Harney & Sons Tea Sachets.
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