Snuggle Bunny Baby Blanket - PERSONALIZED!
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Pink Pink Yellow Yellow My Niece Haley Loves Her Snuggly Soft Blanket My Niece Haley Loves Her Snuggly Soft Blanket

Snuggle Bunny Baby Blanket - PERSONALIZED!

Personalized Snuggle Bunny - Blue #41SIPBUBLP $55.00 Qty
Personalized Snuggle Bunny - Yellow #41SIPBUYP $55.00 Qty
Personalized Snuggle Bunny - Pink #41SIPBUPP $55.00 Qty
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Some bunny loves you... loves baby that is. Our original, super cute, baby blanket will have both Baby and Mom giggling with delight.

Why are these baby blankets so popular? For one thing, they are made from ultra soft, ultra plush fabric. This remarkable fabric is both comfortable and warm, two things that are essential in a good baby blanket. Each of these baby blankets also has a generous sized hood to protect and cover baby's head. Last but certainly not least, have you ever seen a cuter baby blanket? Imagine how adorable the new baby will look in one these.

Lovingly made in the USA.
Baby Blanket size is 30" x 36".
Choose blue, pink or yellow. Gift wrapped.

GIFT IDEA: If you would like to add-on a tasty gift for Mom & Dad to enjoy, like a box of chocolates, cookies, tea or sparkling lemonade, just purchase the additional item and leave the presentation up to us! We will coordinate and wrap your multiple items together. We are happy to add our personalized touch to your gift to make sure it is most beautiful and well received!