Sable & Rosenfeld Cocktail Garnishes
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Sable & Rosenfeld Cocktail Garnishes

Cocktail Stirrers #SRCS $9.00 Qty
Tipsy Olives Blue Cheese #SROB $7.00 Qty
Tipsy Olives Vermouth #SROV $7.00 Qty
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Our Happy Hour Collection includes the following Sable & Rosenfeld garnishes. Choose from any of the items below. They all are unique and delicious!

Tipsy Cocktail Stirrers:
The newest addition to the "tipsy" line of cocktail condiments is the ultimate cocktail garnish! Each hand-packed skewer is made up of a crunchy pickle, green olive, a slice of red pepper and a pearl onion bathed in a subtle brine with just a hint of garlic and dill. A unique garnish for Bloody Mary's, Martini's or your favorite cocktail. A quick condiment for a signature sandwich, relish tray, or smoked deli meats. 9.7oz/500ml

Vermouth Tipsy Olives:
A must for the perfect martini or just as good nibbled on their own. Tipsy Olives are bathed and packaged in French Vermouth. No need to add vermouth to your martini. Spanish Colossal Olives are firm and crunchy. Kosher. 4.94oz/250ml

Tipsy Blue Cheese Olives:
Our most unique "tipsy" is our large Spanish olives hand-stuffed with Blue Cheese! Garnish your martini with two Blue Cheese olives! Eat straight from the jar for a mouth watering experience. Compliment and dazzle your next cheese platter. Toss into salads for additional crunch and flavor. 5oz
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