Peppadew Peppers
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Peppadew Peppers

Peppadew Mild Peppers #PEPMILD $8.00 $4.95 Qty
Peppadew Hot Peppers #PEPHOT $8.00 $4.95 Qty
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Peppadew Peppers are the first truly new and unique fruit to be discovered since the kiwi in the 1970's. Peppadew® is not only rich in flavor but also has great nutritional benefits. Whole sweet piquante peppers from South Africa's northern provinces are blended with a secret recipe that makes every juicy mouthful simply unforgettable. Quite unlike anything we've ever eaten, this unusually tasty treat is delicious served with almost anything. We especially love it with a simple goat cheese salad. Available in mild and hot for those who like their peppers with a little more heat.
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