La Colombe Corsica Coffee Beans
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12oz Whole Beans 12oz Whole Beans 2.5oz sampler bag 2.5oz sampler bag
Strictly Earth Conscious Certifications Strictly Earth Conscious Certifications    
$3.00 - $13.00

La Colombe Corsica Coffee Beans

La Colombe Corsica Coffee Beans 12oz Bag #LCCWB $13.00 Qty
La Colombe 2.5oz pre-portioned Sample Bag - Ground (minimum order 2 bags) #LCCG $3.00 Qty
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Uncommon, Rich, Full.

La Colombe's Corsica is blended and roasted for richness and possesses a long lasting coffee finish. In a word Corsica is bold! For those who love RICH coffee. It is a popular coffee best for filter brewing.

Corsica is the quintessential filter coffee with a character all its own.

  • 12oz Bag of Fresh Coffee Beans
  • 2.5oz pre-portioned package ground for any multi-purpose coffee machine filter.
    This individual packet is great if you want your coffee ground. It also makes a nice stocking stuffer for the coffee lover in your life. The pre-portioned packet is a convenient and guaranteed way to get the correct portion of grounds for each pot of coffee. These 2.5oz packs are sold in sets of 2 for $6. The minimum order is 2 bags.
Philadelphia renowned artisanal coffee roaster with cafes in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and South Korea. They also supply coffee to many of the best restaurants in the world.

La Colombe, focuses on ethical long-term trade with the world's finest coffee growers, resulting in what they call culinary coffee. La Colombe's Five Principles of Ethical Trade:

Fairness – All trading partners are to be treated fairly. No strike price is ever to be below that established by the Fair Trade Organization. Additionally, farm workers' wages must be verifiable fair, working conditions must be humane and basic health must be made available.

Longevity – Long-term commitments are to be established with all coffee sources, thereby providing a more certain future for our trading partners.

Opportunity – Priority is given to nations, regions and farmers with the greatest need and where our purchases can make the greatest impact.

Water – Access to clean drinking water must be provided by the farmer to the families associated with our supplier farms.

Strictly Earth Conscious – Earth Conscious coffees are coffees grown on farms that hold at least two of the earth friendly certifications pictured on the left side of this page.
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