Dufflet NUTT-e With Chocolate, Caramel & Nuts
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Dufflet Rosenberg Dufflet Rosenberg

Dufflet NUTT-e
With Chocolate, Caramel & Nuts

Save when you buy 2 or more boxes.
Dufflet NUTT-e - Dark Choc. Toasted Almond #DUCTA $12.00 $11.00
Dufflet NUTT-e - Milk Choc. Toasted Hazelnut #DUCTH $12.00 $11.00
Dufflet NUTT-e - Sea Salt Caramel, Almond + Pistachio #DUCCAP $12.00 $11.00
Dufflet NUTT-e - Dark Choc. Cinnamon Pecan #DUCCP $12.00 $11.00
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Formerly called "Dufflet Chocolate Crackle".

Savor the crisp snap of hard crack caramel, layered with your favorite nuts and rich chocolate in this unique confection called Dufflet NUTT-e. These wafer-thin indulgences, made with no artificial ingredients, have won numerous awards and received rave reviews.
GMO Free. Containes No Gluten. Corn Syrup Free. No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preserves. Each box weighs 3.9oz.

  • Dark Chocolate With Toasted Almond:
    Rich dark chocolate, toasted slivered almonds, hard crack caramel. A customer favorite... and ours too!

  • Dark Chocolate Cinnamon + Pecan:
    Rich dark chocolate, toasted pecan pieces, hard crack caramel and cinnamon.

  • Milk Chocolate Toasted Hazelnut:
    Creamy milk chocolate, toasted slivered hazelnuts, and hard crack caramel.

  • Sea Salt Caramel Almond + Pistachio:
    Slivered almonds, hard crack caramel, sprinkle of sea salt and pistachios. GOLD SOFI AWARD WINNER AT NASFT FANCY FOOD SHOW.


    Dufflet Rosenberg's confections are inspired by cakes and everyday desserts from her youth. She reigns as the "Queen of Cake" in Canada and beyond. The magic began in 1975 when Dufflet Rosenberg began baking from her home for the Cow Café. In 1982 Dufflet opened her first pastry café on the trendy Queen Street West strip - today a Toronto institution and destination for the city's finest pastries and divine desserts. In 2002 Dufflet launched her second pastry + flower café on Yonge Street - truly a Mecca of small indulgences.

    In addition to Dufflet's retail shops, Dufflet Pastries supplies over 500 restaurants and cafes, specialty food shops, upscale supermarkets, hotels and caterers with more than 100 unique, entirely natural products – including the city's most talked about wedding cakes – everything lovingly hand-crafted!

    Whether creating a dazzling repertoire of desserts for an evening honoring Philippe Starck, the ultimate chocolate birthday cake for Mick Jagger or simply a line of new cupcakes for her Cafes, Dufflet Pastries is truly Toronto's finest purveyor of pastry.