Chocolate Heart Pop
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Chocolate Heart Pop

Chocolate Heart Pop, Just 1 #DuffHeartPop1 $4.95 Qty
Chocolate Heart Pop, 3 #DuffHeartPop3 $12.00 Qty
Chocolate Heart Pop, 6 #DuffHeartPop6 $22.00 Qty
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What more can we say... it's solid milk chocolate on a stick!!!
Available as a single pop, a set of 3 pops or a set of 6 pops. Save when you buy more!
Our domed heart shaped pop is 1.5oz of solid milk chocolate with a pretty ruffled edge. Premium chocolate - made by one of our favorites, Dufflet.
Great gift for teachers, kids, coworkers or anyone who loves milk chocolate. Kosher
Measures approximately 3".
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