Hugs and Kisses Bakery Box
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Our rich chocolate brownies Our rich chocolate brownies  

Hugs and Kisses Bakery Box

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Our pretty pink box comes filled with hugs, kisses, hearts and lots and lots of chocolatey goodness! Gourmet goodies for the chocolate lover in your life.

We've included our favorite items from our bakery collection. First we added three of our rich, dense Belgian Dark Chocolate Brownies. Then we added Sadie's favorite Chocolate Walnut Espresso Cookies - moist, dark, bittersweet chocolate, crisp premium walnuts, an invigorating jolt of espresso and giant chocolate chunks converge in the gooiest, most delicious confection imaginable. (Note: We love to heat the cookies for 30 seconds in the microwave and eat them warm! Sigh!)

From Amy's of Brooklyn, are four hand iced butter cookies - two polka dot hearts and one giant X and one giant O. Sweet hugs and kisses! Finally, six red foil milk chocolates from Lake Champlain Chocolates.

With almost 2 lbs of bakery fresh treats, your loved one will open the box and inhale the scent of chocolate! Wow!