Double Decker-A Simply Delicious Baby Gift For Twins!
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Double Decker-
A Simply Delicious Baby Gift For Twins!

Product Number 41SIPDD
Double Decker-
A Simply Delicious Baby Gift For Twins!
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A SUPER SIZE gift for twins is a must!

When it comes to finding just the right baby gift for a new and most precious set of twins, you'll want to celebrate the occasion with a gift that is both unique and well, DOUBLY DELICIOUS! That's where our super-delicious Double Whopper, mega-outrageous Double Decker comes in. This unique baby gift is practical as it includes many essential layette items for the twins... and it will WOW! the new parents with it's cleverness and attention to detail. Each Double Decker baby gift is made exactly as you like it...with natural ingredients, perfectly done, and simply delicious! Measures a whopping 16" wide x 14" high.

Double Decker Baby Gift Set Is Made Up Of The Following:
  • 2-all natural terry hooded towels
  • 2-onsies
  • 2-burp pads
  • 2-bibs
  • 2 -pair of socks
  • 2-fork & spoon sets
  • 6-washcloths
  • 6-diapers
  • Gift wrapping

GIFT IDEA: If you would like to add-on a tasty gift for Mom & Dad to enjoy, like a box of chocolates, cookies, tea or sparkling lemonade, just purchase the additional item and leave the presentation up to us! We will coordinate and wrap your multiple items together. We are happy to add our personalized touch to your gift to make sure it is most beautiful and well received!
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