Simon & Co. Signature Chocolates
Hannah chocolate
Our favorite piece is "Hannah" – dark chocolate, caramel and topped with pink Hawaiian sea salt.
Ever get a box of chocolates and wonder what is in each piece? A nut, a caramel, or maybe a blend of spices? Whether you just received a box of our Simon & Co. Signature Chocolates or you're sending one, here is a menu that we've put together to help you decipher the mystery... without having to take a bite out of each one!

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Sweet Pink Purse With 30 French Chocolate Truffles $30.00
Roses, Chocolates and Tea $25.00
WOW MOM! Chocolate Pop $5.00 $4.50
Chocolate, Caramel Coated Pretzels, Popcorn or Chips $13.95 - $45.00
Simon & Co. Signature Chocolates $12.00 - $75.00
Chocolate-Dipped Classics - Executive Collection $69.00
Chocolate-Dipped Classics $49.00
Hot Chocolicious $39.00
La Colombe Coffee With Simon & Co. Signature Chocolates $36.00
Chocolate Envy $100.00
Cocoa Dusted French Truffles - 36pc. $30.00
Gift of Gold (...100 Chocolate Truffles!) $69.00
For the Love of Chocolate $110.00
Celebrate! - Chocolate $65.00
Artfully Designed Dark Chocolate Hearts $24.00
Outrageous Chocolate Bark & Nut Clusters $35.00 - $50.00
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