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Simon & Co. – Our Simply Delicious® Story:
You need a gift that's exceptional. Something as delectable to look at, as it is to eat.

We are a gift and specialty food mail-order business specializing in the most unique fine foods - combining them together with just the right packaging. As you browse our gifts, you'll notice that our containers are all very unique; they aren't your typical "gift baskets". Instead, their warm, contemporary feel enhances each of our gifts. What's more, the containers become part of the gifts themselves - those who receive them use them in their homes and offices.

However, most important to us is the food! We taste and taste and taste... (tough job!). All of the foods that we recommend in our gifts are items that you'll find in our own kitchen pantries - and they are the items we share with our friends and family. If we don't think something is, well, SIMPLY DELICIOUS, of course it doesn't make the cut!

We hope that you find a unique place to shop for gifts online. Not just for great food gifts, but for a wonderful selection of unique spa items, baby gifts and pet gifts. You will also be able to buy any of our individual tasty treats for yourself in our Pantry. It is our pleasure helping you with your gift-giving needs throughout the year.

Remember our gifts are always made by hand, in our studio, one at a time, so every gift is filled with that special ingredient.

Wishing you a Simply Delicious® day!
- Jennifer and the entire Simon & Co. staff

A Little Bit About Jennifer Simon, Owner:

After 11 years in New York City, Jennifer Simon decided that she was ready to branch out on her own. She packed up her things, moved back to Wilmington, Delaware - where she grew up – and rented a warehouse. Her spark to be an entrepreneur was set years ago when her Great Grandparents opened their own candy store in the 1940's, on the corner of Fourth & Connell in Wilmington. Next, her late-father, Howard H. Simon, caught the bug and opened his own accounting firm in the local business sector.

Although food and cooking have always held a prominent role in the personal life of Simon, she is by no means a novice in the competitive Specialty Food Trade – and she’s well versed in the ins-and-outs of branding and internet marketing. After graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia with a BA in Communications, she spent two more years studying advertising at the elite Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Her professional background includes stints at New York-based advertising powerhouse, J. Walter Thompson, as well as others. She then went on to develop product lines and improve marketing efforts for a well-known specialty food purveyor in New York – garnering them record sales and praise including being featured on the infamous 2002 holiday O! List in O, The Oprah Magazine. Before opening Simon & Co., she was the Senior Product Manager for the gourmet food and gift basket division of She was instrumental in revamping the department and producing record sales by developing highly successful designs and products. This included developing and launching the exclusive Martha Stewart gift basket and food line for 1800Flowers.

Simon has always had that special knack for discovering the most unique foods and food purveyors the world offers and combining those items into masterful gifts. Her special touch begins by using containers that can be reused throughout the home or office vs. the old-fashioned, more traditional baskets. She then fills them with what she calls foods that are "Simply Delicious".

Our Creative Team:

  • Steve Legato - Food Photographer Extraordinaire! He brings our designs to life... Ok that is an understatement! We are both spoiled and privileged to be included in his portfolio of work. He is a regular contributor to major food publications around the country, as well as within the Philadelphia area, where he currently lives. He has photographed over 40 major cookbooks.

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